Woven carbon Fibre Core (patented ) technology

for precise and safe heating of gases and liquids for sensitivity based reliable results  

C-Core Electric Controllable Heated Hoses to 250°C  ( Can be supplied complete with controller ). Liquid heated transfer lines to 90°C



Liquid heated transfer lines can be used for heated or cooling applications of liquids or gases OR a contamination free temperature controlled clean air delivery source

Electric heating can be applied directly to reactor pipework

  • No need for a liquid jacket

  • Fast response and good control

  • Effective thermal insulation leads to highly efficient heating

  • Easy to fit to new reactors or retro-fitted to existing pipe work

  • Low voltage options available

  • Solutions for any length of reactor

  • Choice of overbraiding to suit end user requirements (nylon, stainless steel )

  • Control options include : stand alone, integrated, RS232, ethernet or by DCS over an OPC server 

C-Core HOT BLOC compact powerful heat exchangers to 250°C

Woven carbon fibre core gas flow heating for industrial, high purity, medical, chemistry and laboratory applications

  • Safe for indirectly heating flammable gases

  • C-Core carbon uniform heating technology ensures exact temperatures for your gas process

  • heating the gas by approximately 10°C in certain instances can double the reaction rate.

  • Indirect heating to achieve safe contamination free delivery

  • Can be used for remote mobile operation use from a 12V/24V vehicle power source and well as for use in static environments

  • Up to 250°C flouropolymer process tube

  • Suitable for OEM integration

Boating & leisure
  • Commercial

  • Domestic 

Industrial &
  • Food and Flavour​

  • Hot melt packaging

  • emissions 

  • temperature compensation 

  • OEM technology

  • low energy draws only enough heat needed

  • viscose materials kept viable

  • increased production

  • accurrate analysis

Analytical    Science 
  • Chemistry

  • Acedemia

  • Research & development

  • Mass Spectrometry

  • Environmental

  • Gas chromatograpy  

  • RV's

  • Static & mobile caravans

  • Boats 

  • no crystalisation in transfer lines

  • safe 12V to 24V

  • contamination free

  • maintains quality of spectra

  • clean air delivery

  • viscose materials kept viable

  • frost protection

  • no frozen pipes

  • OEM technology

  • low energy draws only enough heat needed

©  ​AWL 2019

©  ​AWL 2019