Continuous Filtration & Drying - Live Demo Webinar

We would like to invite you to a Live Demo Webinar of our production scale Continuous Carousel Filter/Dryer CCF50 for hazardous location. AWL also offer lab and pilot scale equipment to optimize your process.

Join Us Live!
Wednesday, July 22nd
at 10:00 BST
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More About Our Live Demo Webinar

UK Europe Webinar

Live Demo Webinar

  • Introduction – Short powerpoint presentation

  • Live ‘walk-around’ the unit taking you through the various components

  • Live Demonstration of the filtration, washing and drying process

  • Questions and Discussion

If your continuous chemistry includes particles or is a crystallization process, AWL’s continuous filter/dryer is the ideal solution that uses a carousel design with multiple filters to capture your solid materials. The technology is based on well-established Nutsche filtration, processing thin cakes in a fully automated system.


The benefits of the system include:

  • Reliable and robust filtration, washing and optional drying

  • Flexible configuration

  • Our relatively thin cake heights, between 10 mm and 20 mm, significantly reduces filtration times compared to typical batch processing times

  • Our relatively small cake diameters prevent cake cracking, thereby increasing washing efficiency and reduces wash solvent usage

  • Typically 10-15 minutes entry-to-exit time


Key Advantages:

  • No product heel to remove at the end of a campaign

  • Improves yield, purity and product quality

  • Solvent exchange – facilitates faster drying and can reduce agglomeration

  • Optimisation and production on one validated platform

  • Crevice-free process lines to facilitate cGMP processing



If you are interested in learning more about this technology the Live Webinar will allow you to see the continuous filter/dryer process operating live and give you the opportunity to ask questions to our scientists and experts in the field.


Please note, there is a limited number of spaces so we would encourage you to register your interest as soon as possible. We will then send you the Webinar link and calendar invite.