C-CORE OEM Heated Transfer Line Frost Protection for                 Boats and Caravans 

heating and cooling 

Prevent unwanted crystallisation in a process line. Repeatable accurate results by preventing crystallisation in process tubes by maintaining

precise temperatures of a liquid or gas.

These electric heated transfer lines come complete with a controller. 

Accuarate spectral analysis by maintaining the  quality of spectra of a gas, compound or liquid. These electric heated transfer lines come complete with a controller


OEM integrated Electric Heated Transfer Lines offer boats superior water feed line frost protection.

It's an ideal solution to ensure your boat is ready to go even on the coldest days, down to -25°C. 

The C-Core Carbon Fibre technology fully encapsulates the water feed line with no colds spots delivering uniform heat.

The fully automated smart controller accurately measures the surrounding ambient temperature and switches itself on automatically. It then administers just the correct amount of heat to protect from freezing whether it be -1°C to -25°c meaning plug and play convienience and maximum energy efficiency.

These electric heated transfer lines come complete with a controller. 


These electric heated transfer link line kits allow you to create a complete circulatory system between any type of vessel or equipment. These kits comprise of one controller and two heated transfer lines


These electric heated transfer lines come complete with a controller. 

heating and cooling

Repeatable accurate results by preventing crystallisation in a process tube by maintaining precise temperatures of a liquid or gas. These easy to use jacketed lines are heated and cooled from your own source. 

We also make custom transfer lines and look forward to hearing from you to discuss your requirements

Why are temperature controlled transfer lines used?

Temperature controlled transfer lines provide a safe and reliable way of transporting temperature critical liquids or gases from source to destination without temperature loss, ensuring product quality, stability & optimum parameters for spectral analysis or application. They can also prevent crystallisation in process transfer tubes.

What's unique about AWLs Electric Heated Transfer Lines? 

AWL use our own patented C-Core woven carbon fibre technology which helps eliminate hot spots


Safe to the touch. Our transfer lines can deliver high temperatures however their super insulated inner and outer silicon, glass fibre layers and PA mesh outer sleeve  ensure they are safe to work with without specialist clothing


Options to have removable cores  


NEW! Link Lines available, (typical use across a pump creating a complete circulatory system)

Capable of controlled clean air/gas delivery

These highly flexible lines can be easily manipulated in and around complex spaces and equipment 

SAFE - Low voltage DC 12 volts to 24 volts


Choice of PTFE, FEP & PFA Fluoropolymer process tubes to 200°C


Woven Carbon Fibre Core Patented Technology 

Unlike conventional wire wound heating methods, AWL have developed carbon fibre C-Core technology for their Heated Transfer Lines. This results in reliable, uniform heat distribution without hotspots whilst providing the ability to efficiently a desired fluid or gas temperature.  The low voltage and composite electrical and thermal insulation layers make them safe to use across a wide range of industries.  

Product Details
Controller for Heated Transfer 
Product Details

Controller for heated transfer lines.

  • These are used in conjunction with electric heated transfer lines and offer precise control to deliver fluids at specific defined temperatures. 

  • Capable of controlling two independent lines at one temperature set point (typical applications include controlling the fluid path temperature even across a pump) 

  • Small compact unit 

Ideal where precision and safety matter in the delivery of hazardous, volatile and sensitive liquids or gases to maintain product integrity.

Product Details
  • Capable of transferring gases and fluids such as water, oils and adhesives
  • Cool or maintain a fluid temperature 

  • Ideal for preventing crystallisation occurring in transfer lines

  • Suitable for any standard process tube

  • Flexible construction allows line to be manipulated into difficult spaces

  • Choice of PTFE, FEP & PFA fluoropolymer process tubes

  • From -50°c to +90°c

  • Tube in Tube - no joints in process piping work

  • Easy to connect to your existing heating or chiller. No tools required.

  • Co-current and counter-current flow

  • Connects in series or in parallel

Series connection across a pump 

General point A to B

Series connection with a vessel jacket inlet or outlet 


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