Compact powerful electric heat exchanger up to 250°C

Woven carbon fibre core gas flow heating for industrial, high purity, medical, chemistry and laboratory applications with no joint in pipework - all heating carried out externally 

Heating a gas couldn't be simpler or safer 

The C-Core woven carbon fibre core HOT BLOC will

heat your gas to a desired temperature from ambient to 250°C.

The optional controller prescisely maintains the gas' temperature ensuring safe operation in sensitive installations 

Inside the unit is a coiled PTFE process tube encapsulated in C-Core woven carbon fibre technology which provides uniform heating without cold spots. The gas is heated cleanly and precisely via the indirect heating. This patented innovation was designed in conjunction with Purdue University Indiana and originally based on a successful military application. The super compact system delivers heat via a single contamination free path and is ideal where space is at a premium and reliable, repeatable results are required every time.

C-Core Carbon Heated Technology

C-Core carbon uniform heating technology, ensures exact temperatures for your gas process

Flow 10 litre/min at 250°C. 50 litre per/min at 200°C

Heating the gas by approximately 10°C in certain instances can double the reaction rate

Safe for indirectly heating flammable gases

Indirect heating to achieve contamination free delivery

Remote mobile operation from a 12/24V vehicle power source available

Suitable for OEM integration 

Up to 250°C fluoropolymer process tube

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