CCFD DN50 10 Port Filter/Dryer ​ Continuous Carousel Filter

CCFD 50  - Continuously operating automated filter dryer for pilot or production scale processes

The DN50 CCFD Filter Dryer is capable of automatic filtering, washing, deliquoring, drying, discharge and Wash in Place.


It consists of ten 50 mm diameter, 450 ml capacity filtration chambers.

10 Port Filter/Dryer
Continuous Carousel Filter

Pilot/Production Scale Filter Dryer


50 mm / 10 ports

10 to 20 L/hr Slurry

2.0 to 4.0 kg/hr Filtered Solids

Continuous automatic filtering, washing and heated nitrogen/air drying for your pilot/production scale process

Carbon Heated Transfer line image (Flexi

Includes AWL's Innovative

Electric Heated Transfer Line

  1. Maintains accurate temperature control of gas

  2. Compact Design

  3. No liquid pump required

  4. Lower Energy costs

CCFD DN50 10 Port Filter/Dryer ​ Continuous Carousel Filter

CCFD 50 - Functionality

  • Auto transfer from external process into jacketed slurry buffer vessel

  • 2 x Wash dispense systems (vessel, pump, valves)

  • WIP dispense system (vessel, pump, valves)

  • Heated Nitrogen/Air drying with temperature control

  • Filtrate receivers with Auto-drain feature

  • Adjustable filtration/wash parameters

  • Auto data population, recall and presentation

  • Auto Wash in Place during auto-operation 

  • End of day automated cleaning routine

  • Optimisation Mode: Process one aliquot automatically

  • Production Mode: Maximum throughput auto-operation

  • Manual Mode: Operation of all processes

CCFD 50 - Options​​

  • Nitrogen Blanketing System

  • ATEX options available

CCFD 50 - Process Sequence

Port 1

1st Wash and drain

Port 2

3rd Wash (optional) - Drain and Deliquor

Port 3

Port 4

Port 5 - 9

2nd Wash and drain

Drying - Heated Nitrogen/Air

Filtration and Deliquor

Port 10

Cake Discharge