CCFD Vision
10 Port Filter/Dryer
&Vision System
Continuous Carousel Filter/Dryer

CCFD Pharma Vision

Continuous automatic filtration, washing and drying with innovative vision system for fine control over filtration and washing

State-of-the-art vision system automatically stops filtration and washing before dryland!

From feasibility through optimization to production on a single validateable platform!

The DN20 CCFD Pharma Vision achieves accurately controlled automatic filtering, washing, deliquoring as well as nitrogen/air drying, discharge of dry solids and Wash in Place. It consists of ten 20 mm diameter, 50 ml capacity filtration chambers.

Vision System

Automatic dryland detection!

Accurate auto-dispense of wash volume based on measured cake volume!


Improves product purity, yield and quality attributes!

Improves wash efficiency!

Reduces solvent usage!

Reduces energy and waste!

CCFD Pharma Vision - Functionality

  • Vision system for automated fine control of filtration and washing processes

  • Auto transfer from external process into jacketed slurry buffer vessel

  • 2 x Wash dispense systems (vessel, pump, valves)

  • WIP dispense system (vessel, pump, valves)

  • Heated Nitrogen/Air drying system with temperature control

  • Filtrate receiver with Auto-drain feature

  • Filtrate/wash sampling bottles for offline analysis

  • Adjustable filtration/washing/drying parameters

  • Auto-data population, recall and presentation

  • Auto Wash in Place during auto-operation

  • End of day automated cleaning routine

Includes AWL's Innovative

Electric Heated Transfer Line

Operational Advantages

  • Optimisation Mode: Process one aliquot automatically

  • Production Mode: Auto-operation for maximum throughput 

  • Non-settling Mode: For processing non-settling slurries

  • Manual Mode: Operation of all processes

  • Auto-calibration feature

CCFD Pharma Vision - Options

  • Nitrogen Blanketing System

  • Cooling vessel for Wash Solvent

HMI Control Panel 
  • Local HMI or DCS control

  • Compile, store and retrieve 100 recipes

  • Auto data population recall and presentation

  • Full data-logging to allow Darcy plots to be generated and filtation conditions optimised 

CCFD Pharma Vision - Process Sequence

Port 1

1st Wash - Stops draining before dryland

Port 2

3rd Wash - Drain and Deliquor

Port 3

Port 4

Port 5 - 9

2nd Wash - Stops draining before dryland

Drying - Heated Nitrogen/Air

Filtration - Stops before dryland

Port 10

Cake Discharge


  • Ability to stop at or just before dryland!

  • Accurate control of filtration and washing within 1 ml!

  • Automated dispense of wash volume based on measured cake height!

  • Significantly reduced solvent usage

  • Improved product purity, yield and quality attributes

  • From feasibility through optimisation to production on a single validateable platform

  • Optimisation of filtration and washing parameters can be achieved within a few hours and only requires a small sample volume… Minimum Throughput, Maximum Data! 

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