Lab scale
Continuous Carousel Filter

A lite version of the Lab-scale CCF-20 Evaluator  

CCF20 Lite - Designed for investigating the benefits that the Carousel Filter technology can bring, without the expense of purchasing the ancillaries normally supplied as part of an AWL complete filtration system.

At its core, the CCF20 Lite has exactly the same patented Carousel Filter as the CCF20 Evaluator. The filtration and washing process is controlled by the same hardware, allowing the user to take the data gathered in this unit, and extrapolate it across the complete range of AWL filters, from lab to production scales.

The CCF20 Lite is capable of automatic filtering, washing, final filtration / deliquoring, discharge of filtered solids and Wash-in-Place.

CCF20 Lite - Functionality

  • Auto transfer function from external reactor/crystalliser

  • Auto filtration and wash cycle

  • Auto wash solvent dosing system

  • Auto WIP dosing system

  • Auto WIP, triggered by pressure differential

  • End of day automated cleaning routine


CCF20 Lite - Options

  • Nitrogen blanket system

  • Cooling vessel for wash solvent

  • Second wash solvent system (pump and valves)

  • Dosing of slurry via tube-in-tube temperature-controlled transfer line. Available as stand-alone product 

  • DCS control via OPC server

Support Structure Options

Option 1

  • Utilises same frame as the CCF20 Evaluation unit

  • Allows for the later expansion, if desired, to include all the elements required for a fully functioning, self-contained filtration system

  • This system has built-in electronics housed within the framework





Option 2

  • Filter components are housed on an extruded open aluminium box style frame with electrical controls in a separate server type box

  • Requires much less fume cupboard space

  • Modular design which can be incorporated into a larger reactor/crystalliser/filter-dryer set-up from AWL

CCF 20 Lite – Process Sequence

Port 1

Port 2

Port 3

Port 4

Port 5

Solid / Liquid Separation and Deliquor

Solvent Wash

Solvent Wash (optional)

Final Deliquor

Cake Discharge

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