5 Port Filter
Continuous Carousel Filter

Pilot/Production Scale Filtration

CCF 50

50mm / 5 ports

10 to 20 L/hr Slurry

2.0 to 4.0 kg/hr Filtered Solids

Continuous automatic filtering and washing for your pilot/production scale process

ATEX options available


CCF 50  - Continuously operating filter for for automated filtering and washing for pilot or production scale processes

The DN50 CCF Filter is capable of automatic filtering, washing, final filtration / deliquoring, discharge of filtered solids and Wash in Place.


It consists of five 50 mm diameter, 450 ml capacity filtration chambers.

CCF20 - Functionality

  • Auto transfer from external process into jacketed slurry buffer vessel

  • 2 x Wash dispense systems (vessel, pump, valves)

  • WIP dispense system (vessel, pump, valves)

  • Filtrate receiver with Auto-drain feature

  • Adjustable filtration/wash parameters

  • Auto data population, recall and presentation

  • Auto Wash in Place during auto-operation 

  • End of day automated cleaning routine

  • Optimisation Mode: Process one aliquot automatically

  • Production Mode: Maximum throughput auto-operation

  • Manual Mode: Operation of all processes

CCF20 - Options​​

  • Nitrogen Blanketing System

  • ATEX options available

CCF 50 - Process Sequence

Port 1

Solvent Wash

Port 2

Final Deliquor

Port 3

Port 4

Port 5

Solvent Wash (optional)

Cake Discharge

Solid Liquid Separation