Used Equipment

World Wide Inspections:

Alconbury Weston is available to travel worldwide and carry out detailed inspections of used equipment. We will assist you in finding the most suitable equipment for your application and advise you of the most cost effective solutions for your installation.

Alconbury Weston Workshop Inspections:

If you are buying used equipment, we can receive your equipment at our workshop premises in Stoke-on-Trent, GB and carry out a full inspection to provide you with a full state of health report and a recommended work list to bring it to a fully serviceable standard suitable for your application.

This provides you with the chance to not only fully refurbish your recently purchased equipment, but also discuss and implement any required improvements and upgrades.

Used Equipment Removal and Installation:

Alconbury Weston is available to plan and execute your equipment removal from its installed location. We have experience and excellent working relations with lifting/transportation companies which will provide cost effective solutions to re-locate your equipment.

Project Support Services:

  • Complete equipment refurbishment
  • Exchange of old, obsolete components with new “up to date” technology
  • Upgrade opportunities for all areas of your equipment
  • In-house 3D CAD design
  • New ATEX certified Hydraulic Units
  • Control Systems
  • FAT to SAT Support