Alconbury Weston Limited (AWL) can provide both on and off-site upgrades solutions tailored to your requirements. Customers often don’t have the luxury of being able to remove the complete equipment from site and send it to our factory for upgrading. This approach would be impractical in terms of lost production and costs to remove the equipment. AWL therefore offer on-site solutions virtually for any upgrade which are pre-designed and manufactured prior to the equipment being taken out of service. When the equipment is taken out of service there is minimal work to finalise the manufacturing and therefore minimising the disruption to production.

We have completed complex projects such as replacing main shaft stuffing boxes with mechanical seals and bellows on-site in a time frame of 7 days start to finish. Projects like this clearly require major pre-design, planning and project management however, this is an example of what is achievable on-site. Full details of this conversion and others can be found in our downloads sections.