Continuous Filtration

AWL'S Lab Scale Continuous Filter - it's unique!


AWL's Continuous Filter

Image shows a 2.5L/hr Lab Scale System.
8L & 25L/hr systems are also available.


AWL is delighted to introduce their Lab Scale Continuous Filter. This unique system is designed to automatically filter, wash and discharge suspended solids. The patent pending technology, designed exclusively by AWL, is the only one of its type and first commercially available, designed to accept slurry directly from a continuous reactor/crystalliser or batch slurry source.

The benefits of Continuous Filtration are:

  • Lower capital and operating costs
  • Consumes less energy than batch devices
  • Adjustable cake height
  • Linear scale-up with constant parameters
  • Virtually no loss of throughput or product heel
  • Small footprint



If you are looking for or have an interest in Continuous Filtration, we are sure that we have the solution you need.  Please don't hesitate to contact us at for more information.  Our new General/Technical information brochure is available as a download from the downloads section.